Wednesday, December 3, 2008

MySQL Stored Procedure Error

In our project we had many many stored procedures and many parameters passes to those sps. But in only one sp it gives error message something like this;

"Incorrect number of arguments for PROCEDURE sproc_t_l_Contract_Select_BySearchCriteria; expected 3, got 2”

Work long time on this sp but coudnt find it. So i tried to write it again from the begining. In this time it was work perfectly.This problem occurs because of the space between data type and its length.

pName varchar(50) - working
pName varchar (50) - Not working

But it does not mention syntax error or something.So this error message make us vulnerable.


We could able to finish our MSSQL to MySQL conversion project successful. During this
project we had to used many client tools because each tool having pros and cons. we used following client tools;

Toad for MySQL
Nevicat 8.0 Lite

Among those tools SQLyog Community edition the best tool even though Toad for MySQL provides many features.Toad for MySQL sometimes gives errors when running a query.Nevicat 8.0 Lite is simple and good.But it has not much features. HeidiSQL is also good but it doesn't show other database objects such as stored procedures,view. Only tables are displayed.